Our partners

State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drug Control (SMDC)

As authorized laboratory, Central Laboratory controls quality of medicines and medical devices:

  • medicines imported to Ukraine;
  • falsified medicines;
  • medicines suspected to have side effects and other problems with the use of medicine;
  • confirmation of non-conformity of samples quality detected by other independent control laboratories;
State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (SEC)
  • as authorized laboratory, Central Laboratory conducts pre-registration quality control of medicinal products and verification (approbation) of analytical techniques.
Law enforcement and other national authorities
  • analysis of the quality of medicines in case of suspicion of falsification;

Certification authorities

  • analysis of samples of medical products withdrawn during inspections of manufacturers

The World Health Organization (WHO)

As a laboratory prequalified by the WHO, the Central Laboratory carries out  an analysis of the quality of medicines for:

  • public organizations in Ukraine (charitable organizations and foundations: “All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH”, International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine“, etc.);
  • foreign organizations (manufacturers and distributors of Georgia: GM Pharmaceutical Ltd., JSC Tbilchempharma, Humanity Georgia JSM, etc.);

Other Customers (Manufacturers, Distributors)

Central Laboratory performs advisory and methodological activities concerning the verification, validation and transfer of methods for the analysis of medicines, medical products, dietary supplements, cosmetic products using analytical methods included in the field of attestation and /or accreditation,

– carries out consulting and methodological activity in relation to procedures of the quality management system (validation of the terms of suitability of solutions of reagents, qualification / verification of devices and equipment, etc.).