Collaboration with OMCL

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After attestation by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and HealthCare (EDQM) in 2012, the Central Laboratory became a part of GEON – the General European OMCL Network (OMCL – Official Medicines Control Laboratories).

As a member of the GEON the Central Laboratory participates in:

  • experimental validation and verification of the methods of analysis of APIs, which are planned for introduction to European Pharmacopoeia ;
  • theoretical review of the tests of general chapters of the European Pharmacopoeia;
  • testing of reference standards of the European Pharmacopoeia, both chemical and microbiological;
  • working groups on the development of EDQM technical documents for control laboratories;
  • programs for the market surveillance study (MSS) for medicines and medical products;
  • collaboration study of undeclared substances in medicines;
  • the analysis of the quality of medicines at the request of other laboratories of the GEON.